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Did you know that there are three major types of visas? The first visa is a tourist visa, the second one is a business visa and the last one is the student visa. Whichever type of visa you require for your trip to USA, we will be happy to assist you. You can have some of our representatives come with you to your destination or have any of them pick up from the airport upon your arrival.

Touring is a taxing, exhausting process that requires a lot of planning. It can be difficult figuring out how to see everything you want on holiday, but it doesn’t have to be. This is where I and my team at Touriago come in-we aim to put the fun back into holidaying and make it easy for you. We can help with all your tours and transportation needs in the US. Why not head over to us right now?

Tour Visa For Us is a company dedicated to helping you get a visa to tour the United States. We know that it can be an unnecessarily complicated and frustrating process, so we want to make sure you have all the information and support you need to make your trip happen!

We offer everything from assistance with the application process, to booking tours for those who qualify for a visa, to providing advice on what to do in the U.S. once you arrive. We’ll help you every step of the way so that you can focus on enjoying your trip—not worrying about whether or not it will take place!

Tour Visa For Us is a US-based visa service provider that specializes in obtaining travel visas for Chinese citizens. With our help, you can get your visa in as little as one day. Our team of experts has been working with the US Embassy for over 15 years, helping clients from all over the world get their visas in time for their trip.

Our mission is to make it easy and fast for you to obtain your visa. We know that most people are busy and have lots of things on their plate, so we’ve made it our mission to streamline the process so that you can get your visa quickly and easily with minimal hassle.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Tourist Visa?

To be eligible for a US Tourist visa, the purpose of your visit should be one of the following:

  • Have a holiday in the United States.
  • Tour various cities in the United States.
  • Visit friends or family.
  • Participate in social events hosted by various organizations.
  • Visit for medical treatment.
  • Participate in events or contests related to music or sports, for which you will not receive payment.
  • Enroll in short study courses for which you will not receive credit (ex. cooking classes).

If you do not fall into any of the categories above, then you should look into other types of US non-immigrant visas to see for which ones you qualify.

In addition, you will have to prove that you have enough financial means to cover your stay in the United States and that you intend to return to your home country as soon as your visa expires.

On the other hand, the B1 visa allows you to enter the United States with the purpose of business, contract negotiation, or attending conferences and other business-related events.


The US B2 visa is the best way for short term visitors to visit the US. It is typically issued for a period of 6 months. In some cases, it is issued as a multiple entry visa for a period of up to 10 years. Key details of the B2 visa are:

  • You must be able to persuade US consular officials at a US Embassy/Consulate that they are not visiting the country with an intention to become an immigrant of that country
  • You must show reasons and evidence that you would definitely return to your home country
  • You must book appointments for giving your biometrics (finger scan) and visa interview
  • Children below 14 years and adults above 80 years are not required to visit the Consulate/Embassy for an interview and can submit the documents at the visa application centre
  • People who already had a US Visit Visa and now applying for renewal can get the visa renewed by booking the visa appointment at visa application centre and submitting the documents in person

Typically the visa is processed within 2-3 days and your passport can either be collected from the VAC centre or couriered to you.


The documentation required for the B2 visa includes:

  • Your passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Letters supporting your reason of visiting the US
  • Adequate insurance coverage
  • Details of who you are staying with and where
  • Air tickets
  • Evidence that you will return to your home country
  • Financial documents
  • Insurance and other supporting documents
  1. Submit the Form DS-160
  2. Pay the visa fees
  3. Schedule the tourist visa interview at the US embassy or consulate
  4. Complete the B-2 visa document file
  5. Attend the visa interview

If you have applied for the US tourist visa, you will be required to attend a visa interview where you will be asked questions about the purpose of your trip and your travel plans.

Preparing for the visa interview

  1. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview in the country where you reside: While your interview may be scheduled at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate, it may be more difficult to obtain a visa outside the country where you live permanently.) Search for your country of residence at to find the nearest embassy or consulate — and its contact details.
  2. Check on the wait time: Understand that wait times differ according to the venue, visa category and even season, which is why applying early is crucial.
  3. Pay the visa application fee which is non-refundable
  4. Gather the required documents: These include:
  • Passport valid 6 months after your scheduled departure from the US
  • Type DS-160 confirmation page for non-immigrant visa application
  • Receipt of Transaction Fee
  • One printed photo that satisfies visitor visa requirements
  1. Prepare for the interview by rehearsing answers for frequently asked questions

Visa interviews are generally required of travelers between the ages of 14-79, Typically, interviews are not required of applicants 13 years of age and younger or 80 years of age and older—through consular officers can choose to interview any visa applicant, regardless of age.


You might be traveling to a destination but have to necessarily stop for a layover within the United States. This means that you will have to transit through the US. For this you will need the C1 visa or the Transit Visa for USA.

A US Transit Visa gives you permission to enter the US and stay for a layover. When your planned flight or ship leaves for your next destination, you will have to leave the US.

The US government issues C1 visas for immediate and continuous transit through the country. This means that if travel to your final destination requires a layover in the US and you will be allowed to stop in the US but will have no other privileges.

The Transit visa allows you to stay in the US only for the approved time because this is not a visa for tourism or business.

Typically, the visa is processed within 5 days. Processing times for any US visa depends on the workload of the US Embassy from where you are applying. If there are more applications, it will take a longer time. Since the C1 visa has a shorter duration, its processing time will be faster compared to other visas.

Documents Required For US C1 Transit Visa

  • Completed DS-160 application form.
  • Your passport with at least one blank page to be able to affix visa.
  • One photograph fulfilling the requirements set by the US authorities.
  • Proof of having paid transit visa fees.
  • Social media details.
  • Proof that you are allowed to enter the country of your final destination.
  • Ticket or itinerary to your final destination.
  • Letter stating the purpose of your visit to your final destination.
  • Proof of having funds to cover your expenses during your transit.
  • Proof that you will return to your home or another country after your stay in the US.
  • Proof of medical health insurance.
  1. Submit the Form DS-160
  2. Pay the visa fees
  3. Schedule the transit visa interview at the US embassy or consulate
  4. Submit the required documents
  5. Attend the visa interview

What Are the Restrictions of the C1 Visa?

Since the C1 visa does not allow you to stay in the US, there are several restrictions which you will have to follow with the C1 visa, you cannot:

  • Stay in the US for more than the designated time.
  • Travel or study in the US.
  • Find employment in the US.
  • Extend the C1 visa.
  • Adjust or change the status of the C1 visa.
  • Apply for a Green Card with a C1 visa.
  • Bring dependents with only one transit visa.
  • Dependents cannot travel, work, or study in the US on the C1 visa

How Long Can I Stay in the US with a C1 Visa?

Since transiting is for aa short duration, the validity of the C1 visa is short.  The visa is valid for a period of a maximum of 29 days or until the date of departure from the US on your ticket, whichever is earlier.


D visa or Crewmember visa is one of the non-immigrant visas issued by the U.S government. This visa is specifically for those people who work on commercial sea vessels or international airlines that go through the U.S. For these sea vessels and airlines to run normal operations, their crew must be allowed to pass through the U.S and make short stops.

With the D visa, the crew members can go through to the U.S and stay in the country for a maximum of 29 days.

The D visa allows the crews to go through the U.S and stay for a maximum of 29 days. Holders of the D visa can leave the dock or airport for this duration but must also leave the country within 29 days. The D visa can only be used for the purpose of passing through the U.S.

The visa processing time can vary between 3 to 5 days or even up to 2 weeks. Processing times for any U.S visa depends on the workload of the U.S Embassy from where you are applying. If there are more applications, it will take a longer time.

Requirements to get the D visa

To get the D visa, the person must be working on a vessel or airline travelling to the U.S and only passing through. The following job positions qualify for a D visa:

  • Flight attendant or pilot on a commercial airplane
  • Captain, deckhand, or engineer on a sea vessel
  • Lifeguard, waiter, cook, or other supporting staff on cruise ships
  • Trainee on board of a training vessel

Individuals who perform the following duties cannot apply for a D visa:

  • Dry dock duties such as repairs while the boat is docked on a U.S port
  • Occupants of a fishing vessel which has an operating base or home port in the U.S
  • Substitute coasting officer
  • Workers on a private yacht which will be docked in the U.S for more than 29 days
  • Crewmembers on a vessel going to the Outer Continental Shelf

Do Tourists Get Access to American Healthcare?

As a foreigner visiting the United States for tourism purposes you will not receive free healthcare. The American healthcare system is the most expensive in the world with the treatment of a broken leg or broken arm that will cost you $2,500, while staying at a US hospital for one night may cost over $10,000, on average.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a visitor’s health insurance plan to cover these costs.

Can I Get a Green Card With a US Tourist Visa?

It is very difficult to get permanent residence or a Green Card if you are a tourist in the United States. Since the B2 visa is a temporary visa, you must prove that you will return to your home country after it expires in order to get it. Also, you are not allowed to look for a job or start studying, which means the easiest paths to a Green Card may not be available for you.

Can My Parents Visit Me In USA With a B2 Visa?

If you are living in the US, working or studying, you can invite your parents to visit you. They will need to follow all of the processes explained above in this article. The only thing that may differ a bit, are the required documents:

  • Passports. Your parents should have valid passports
  • Completed DS-160 Form.
  • Bank Verification Letter. You should present proof you are capable of financially supporting your parents while they are in the US.
  • Employment Verification You should ask your current employer for this letter.
  • Invitation Letter. You should write a letter to your parents inviting them to visit you in the US.

You are responsible for collecting some of the documents for your parents. They will also need to collect some extra in their home country.

It is highly recommended that visiting parents obtain a visitor’s insurance plan that covers their entire stay in the United States.


However, in order to avoid any issues during your trip, you should apply for a visa at least a month in advance. You may need to send notarized documents or provide a letter from your employer. This can be a hassle but it’s worth it to make sure you’ll have no problems when and if you decide to take a visit. You also need to get vaccinated for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A as well as Malaria pills if you’re going anywhere tropical

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