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Do you want to study post secondary education in Yukon, Canada ? You are welcome to visit our website. We will guide you on how to get student visa in United Kingdom and make your dream come true.

As a British citizen wishing to go to Yukon to study, you are probably wondering what your options for visas and immigration in general. In this post I will be doing a review and analysis of the different types of visas available for you to use as a student or otherwise.

Student visa Canada Yukon is one of the most important document needed by the foreign students who want to study in Canada. The study permit is determined by the student’s program of study and it comes in renewable and temporary formats.

Student visa in Yukon is a great opportunity for international students to study in Canada. Yukon is a Canadian territory that has its own immigration laws and regulations.

To apply for a student visa in Yukon, you must be accepted by an accredited college or university, have a valid passport and travel documents, and pass the medical examination. You must also prove that you have the financial resources to pay for your studies in Canada.

You can apply online at this website: [link].

If you’re thinking about studying in Yukon, Canada, you may need to apply for a student visa. The Yukon government’s website has information about the application process and lists the documents that you’ll need.

If you plan on studying at an accredited educational institution, then the school will be able to help you with your application. However, if you plan on taking independent studies or attending a non-accredited school, then you’ll need to fill out the application yourself.

After receiving your student visa from the Canadian embassy or consulate nearest your home country, you’ll be able to enter Canada as a full-time student at an accredited institution. If you study independently or at a non-accredited school, however, then you will not be able to work during your stay in Canada under any circumstances—even if it is just part-time work.

Yukon College, Canada is a community college and research university offering a broad range of programs. These programs include intermediate and advanced ESL, one-year certificate programs, two-year diplomas, high school upgrading and four-year degrees. Yukon College provides specializations in Business, Culinary Arts (cooking), Early Childhood Development and Renewable Resources Management.

  • International students can apply by downloading the application form provided on the official website.
  • There is no application fee charged for the admission process
  • TOEFL and IELTS scores are accepted for English Proficiency Requirements.


Application ProcessOnline
Application FeeNone
Intake SeasonsFall & Winter
English Proficiency TestsIELTS & TOEFL
Academic CalendarSemester-based

Yukon College Admission Deadlines

At Yukon College, the applications for the Fall term are now closed. The admission procedure for the Canadian students for Winter 2019 and Fall 2020 term will open on October 15th, 2019. The important dates for the admission process for international students are given below:-

EventsImportant Dates
Applications StartJuly 15, 2019
Applications EndsOctober 25, 2019

Yukon College International Admission

At Yukon College, international students can mail their completed application forms to along with the necessary documents mentioned below:-

Apply Online:- Click Here to Download the Form

Application Fee:- $100

Documents Required

  • Complete application form
  • Complete Campus Housing or Homestay application, if applicable
  • Submit Transcript (high school or post-secondary)
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (TOEFL/ IELTS)
  • Proof of sufficient funds (Bank Statement)
  • A copy of a valid passport

English Proficiency Requirements

International students who are non-native English speakers must prove their expertise in English Language by submitting any one of the tests mentioned below:-

TestsMinimum Score Required

Visa Requirements

International Students who are planning to stay in Canada for a time period of more than six months must apply for a study permit. Given below are the necessary documents required to obtain a valid study permit:

  • An acceptance letter from the institute.
  • Copy of a valid passport as proof of identity.
  • Necessary Financial Documents as proof of the availability of funds.
  • Submission of a valid Medical Certificate.

Yukon College Undergraduate Admissions

Yukon College offers bachelor degrees divided into 5 academic areas – the School of Access, School of Science, Trades and Technology, School of Health, Education and Human Services, School of Liberal Arts, and the School of Management, Tourism and Hospitality.

Course-Wise Entry Requirements

ProgramsAdmission Requirements
Bachelor of Business AdministrationEnglish 12 and Maths 11 (Applications, Principles, Foundations or Pre-Calculus) or; TOEFL/ IELTS Required Scores
Social WorkBSW program application, Minimum GPA of 70%, A criminal records check(s), Personal Statement, Three letters of reference, Interview
Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous GovernanceGrade 12 graduation with English 12 and Math 11 or; 5 years of manager-level work experience with sample works

Yukon College Post-Degree Certificate Admission

Yukon College offers the post-degree certificate program in Climate Change Policy which exposes students to climate change science and its links to policy and policymakers. It is a one-year, part-time, online program involving a brief in-Canada component consisting of a two-week field school. To apply, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Completion of a four-year (or comparable) Arts/Science undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • At least five years of relevant professional experience.


  • An acceptable alternative to an undergraduate degree.
  • A rationale explaining why they meet the expected skillset, based on their resume.

Scores of TOEFL/ IELTS are mandatory for international students.

Students should note that the processing time for both Canadian and International applications may take up to four weeks. Also, Yukon College requires a tuition deposit payment of $4,000 from students applying to certificate, diploma, and/or trades programs before an official Letter of Acceptance will be issued. This tuition deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the course fee.

Study permits

If you are planning to study longer than six months in Canada, you will need a study permit.  Go to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website Studying in Canada for more information.

Extending a study permit 

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a student, come to one of our regular information sessions or make and appointment to meet with our International Student Advisor.  Check the expiry date on your study permit, and make sure you apply before that date. You should apply for renewal at least 30 days before your current permit expires.

More information can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration website.

Once you have your new study permit email a copy of it to

Working in Canada

There are many part-time jobs available for international students in Whitehorse throughout the year.  The Citizenship and Immigration website provides information for work permit applications.

Every employee must provide their employer with a Social Insurance Number (SIN) in order to be paid. Service Canada, which is the office that issues Social Insurance Numbers, will only issue a SIN if an international student has a study permit that explicitly states you are authorized to work off-campus.

Working on-campus

International students are legally permitted to work on-campus while studying. The Yukon University International Office can provide you with information on eligibility. There is not restriction on the number of hours students are permitted to work on campus.

View on-campus employment opportunities

Working off-campus

Undergraduate students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the regular academic year (September to April). You may work full-time during academic breaks (summer, Reading Week, and breaks between terms) if you hold full-time status during the academic term prior to, and subsequent to, the academic break.

After graduation

International students graduating from Yukon University may be eligible to work for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.  It is the students responsibility to ensure they meet all the graduation requirements of their program as well as the requirements of the post graduate work permit program. Additional information about the post graduate work permit program can be found on the Government of Canada’s Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship website.

Get in touch. 

International Student Advisor advising appointments are being offered to registered international students in-person, over the telephone or by video call. Schedule an appointment through our online calendar or by emailing.

Jonathon Driscoll, RCIC

International Student Advisor
Student Success Division


If you’re looking for a way to get a student visa in Canada, and want to study in the Yukon, look no further. We created Touriago with exactly this goal in mind: providing a one-stop shop for learning more about the process of getting a student visa in order to study in Canada. Our goal is to support students who have the necessary qualifications and drive to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. Canadian campuses are some of the best in the world, and now they’re available to you and thousands like you every year with a Touriago certificate.

Studying abroad is a big deal, and it’s important to make sure you’re making the right decision. Before applying, it’s worth looking into these schools and programs to figure out which one is the best for you. That said, our list can only do so much: ultimately, this decision is up to you. We hope that this list has helped clarify your own ideas about which school or program is the best for you, and we wish you the best of luck in making your final decision.

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