student visa in australia without ielts

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students wishing to study abroad and work in their university life. But do you have an ielts or not? Do you know what to do if your ielts is not good enough to get a student visa in Australia?

Take the stress out of getting student visa without taking the IELTS! I must admit I was always a little nervous about applying for my student visa for Australia at the beginning. After all it was to be my first time traveling abroad, and it would all depend on my visiting a country where I knew absolutely no one. The thought of having to take and pass an IELTS exam in order to try out a new country terrified me.

If you plan to move to Australia, Tasmania or New Zealand, studying English is a big part of moving there. But regardless of the fact that you have moved to the country with great plans to improve your language skills, as well as acquire new experiences and knowledge, your student visa application may be denied if you cannot prove that you have sufficient English skills. To prevent potential problems with your application, therefore, it is useful to ask yourself the following questions: Do I Need to Take IELTS or TOEFL? Is There an Option for Studying Without English Tests? How Long Does English Study Usually Take in Australia? Which Course Options Do I Have in Tasmania?

Student Visa in Australia without IELTS

We have dealt with thousands of students who want to study in Australia and get the student visa. Many of them don’t have the IELTS score, which is the most important requirement for getting the student visa. Some of them have low scores, some of them have moderate scores, and some of them are lucky enough to get high scores on their first attempt. However, even if you have got a high score on your first attempt, it doesn’t mean that you will get your visa easily. It depends on what else you have to do with your application.

What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is a permit which allows students to study in Australia and stay here legally for a certain period of time. Students can apply for this permit once they receive an offer letter from an educational institution or university in Australia where they want to study. There are different types of student visas depending on what type of course they want to pursue while they’re here:

  • Student Visa (Subclass 500) – this one is for students who want to enroll in vocational training programs such as nursing or teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). This type

Did you know that you can apply for a student visa without having to take the IELTS?

It’s true! If you’ve ever heard of the Australian Student Visa Scheme (ASVS), it’s a program that allows students to apply for a student visa without taking an English proficiency test.

This is great news for those who are worried about the cost or difficulty of taking the IELTS—or if they just want to ensure that they’re not being held back by their language skills.

The ASVS is only available under specific circumstances, though: if you’re an international student and have already been accepted by an Australian university or educational institution, then this might be right for you. You’ll need to show proof of acceptance before applying for your visa.

Australia among other nations has taken advantage of this political unrest and globally Australia has become one of the top study abroad destinations among Indian and international students. The Australian government in a bid to welcome more foreign students to its shores has also introduced student-friendly measures such as part-time work optionspost-study work permits and the presence of a thriving job sector for candidates who successfully graduate from Australian universities.

State-of-the-art infrastructure complete with modern facilities is proof of the high standard of education maintained by the Government of Australia. In line with this, the Government of Australia has got a set of admission guidelines or criteria that need to be strictly adhered to during the time of university/college admissions.

One of the guidelines requires candidates to appear for a global language proficiency exam including either Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) to prove their English language skills. This is followed by most universities and education institutions as English is the primary language of communication in the universities and colleges in Australia.

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Can you study in Australia without IELTS?

To answer this question straight, it is a big yes but, with conditions. Students looking for admission to the top universities in Australia can apply without IELTS scores only if they have studied from those countries where certificates awarded are recognised by the Australian Education System. And now you must be wondering how? Following is a list of conditions as proposed by some of the top Australian Universities accept applications even if one of the condition is fulfilled by the applicant:

  • Those applicants who complete their senior secondary from the list of recognised countries and medium of study is English.
  • Indian students applying can get exemptionfrom IELTS if they can present their AISSCE certificate issued by CBSE. State Board students from West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat with 65% and above grade. 
  • Undergraduate and/or postgraduate students who have passed out from a recognized university or institution, where medium of instruction was English are also exempted from submitting IELTS scores.
  • Students who have pursued a minimum 1 year part-time or full-time after secondary education from a recognized institution can also be exempted.
  • Also those students who have evidence of English skills honed in a paid or a part-time professional setting, with a minimum of 3 years are also exempted from submitting IELTS scores. 

Australian Universities Exempting Students from IELTS Scores

There are 08 top Australian Universities which follow the above given criteria in order to exempt international students from submitting IELTS scores for admission. They are as follows:

Most universities in Australia would require a candidate from India to appear for an English Language test. A lot of universities/schools also have waived off their English proficiency test, but this is entirely judged on a case by case basis and the candidate is required to check the same with the university admission people. A lot of times the English proficiency test is waived off for applicants who have earlier completed their education in the English language.

For instance Bond University and Swinburne University of Technology also accept other ELP scores like CAE or PTE or waive off completely depending upon the case. But then again, applications for the same would be reviewed on case to cases basis.

*Note: TOEFL is not an alternative in place of IELTS or PTE in Australian Universities. Thus, it should not be considered as a primary option in place of IELTS or PTE.

Here are some of English scores accepted at Australian universities:

  • IELTS Academic
  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE
  • Cambridge Advanced CAE
  • Cambridge English CPE
  • Occupational English Test OET

There are two common situations at which universities in Australia make exemptions to their language requirements:

  • If the education you have previously attained was taught in English, then the university will seriously consider your admission.
  • If you’re a talented student, but who doesn’t possess required English skills at the time of application, the university can admit you will offer you a language preparatory course before you commence your regular course.

But not all universities give you such an opportunity. So the question arises which universities in Australia do consider applications without IELTS?

Here are universities in Australia that accept international applications without IELTS:

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is committed to giving all students a chance for admission regardless of their English skills. Although an IELTS score is typically required for admission at the University of Queensland, there are other alternatives for how you can meet the university’s English requirements.

If English was the language of instruction in your past education, then you can provide certain evidence which can encourage the university to list you among suitable candidates for the course you’re applying to.

If you haven’t undertaken IELTS you can still prove your English proficiency by presenting any of the following evidence:

  • Your previous education has been taught in English.
  • You have obtained another relevant English certificate or your English grades were high in your previous education.
  • You have obtained a bachelor or master’s degree from an accredited institution recognized by the University of Queensland for this purpose.
  • You have attended a one-year full-time study program at a recognized university from the University of Queensland for this purpose.
  • Working experience of a specific length in a professional English speaking environment.

The University of Adelaide

If your application is appealing apart from English knowledge, the University of Adelaide will initially require you to sit in a language preparatory course which normally lasts for a full academic year or two semesters. At the end of each semester, there’s a test to measure your English improvement. If you show excellent skills by the end of the first semester you can skip the second. Note, however, that if you don’t pass final exams you won’t be allowed to study in your regular course.

Bond University

IELTS and TOEFL scores are not the only options you have to testify your English proficiency if you apply at the Bond University. Applicants who are able to provide strong and relevant evidence of their English knowledge will also be eligible for admission.

Except for IELTS, Bond University accepts the following English certificates:

  • C1 Advanced
  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE

Also if you can show evidence of having attained your secondary education in an English-taught school in some specific countries including Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to mention a few, then you have chances to get admitted.

The Swinburne University of Technology

Except for IELTS and TOEFL scores the Swinburne University of Technology is open to students who have scored relatively high on other recognized English qualifications like PTE Academic, Common European Framework and VCE English.

In addition, if you’re not able to prove your English proficiency at the time of application you can enroll a preparatory English course offered as part of the university’s English Language Course (ELICOS). There are two types of English preparatory courses at the Swinburne University of Technology: General English and English For Academic Purposes.

The length of the course varies between five to 50 weeks. It allows for a large of flexibility in order for you to precisely adapt it to your further academic needs in the regular course.

Macquarie University

Another university which enables you to study in Australia is Macquarie University. English requirements at this university change depending on the course you want to attend.

If you have obtained any of the following English certificates, then you might be given a place at this university:

  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE
  • Cambridge English Advanced CAE
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency CPE
  • Occupational English Test OET

The University of New South Wales

A wide variety of English qualifications are accepted to meet English requirements at the University of New South Wales. Whatever the course you have taken it must not be older than two years.

Given below are English certificates that are accepted at the University of New South Wales:

  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English CAE
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English CPE

In some occasions, the university can also consider your application if you have not obtained any of the above qualifications. In that case, you need to contact the university’s admission office and provide genuine evidence that your English meets university language requirements.

One way you can do this is by submitting your scores in relevant English tests during your previous education. Another opportunity is if you have been working for at least 2 years in an environment surrounded by native English speakers. If that is the case you can submit a reference from your employer.

Victoria University

In the list of universities in Australia that admit candidates without IELTS score is also Victoria University. There are a few other relevant English proficiency certificates accepted at this university, including

  • Pearson Test of English PTE
  • Cambridge English Advanced CAE
  • Cambridge English – First Certificate in English FCE


International students whose native language is not English must prove evidence of language competence to be admitted to study in Australia. Usually, you can prove your English knowledge by means of scores of a standardized language exam.

Typically, IELTS is the most common language selection criteria in almost all universities in Australia. This might have made you wonder if you can gain admission at a university in Australia without IELTS.

You still have some other options left if you believe this test is unconventional or you’re enough confident about your current English skills.

Fortunately, there are some universities which are aiming to gain a competitive edge in the international higher education market, therefore, may consider your personal circumstances and offer you a place even if you don’t submit an IELTS score.

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