Best time of year to vacation in cabo san lucas

If you are reading this post, it is likely that you are planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is a beautiful place and it is a great vacation spot. Planning your trip can seem overwhelming. You need to decide how long to stay, which hotel to choose and where to go while you are there. After looking at so many options, it may be difficult to determine what is the best time of year to vacation in Cabo San Lucas. This weather report will help you decide what the best time of year to vacation in Cabo San Lucas may be.

Everyone loves to travel! Whether you like going near or far, you often have a list of destinations you can’t wait to go and see. Cabo San Lucas is beautiful beach located in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It’s the perfect vacation destination for many people but there are many factors that determine whether it’s good time of year to cabo san lucas or not.

If you are one of the many people looking for information on the best time of year to go to Cabo San Lucas, I think this post will be helpful. I recently went to this popular vacation destination and analyzed the climate over several months in order to help others decide when is the best time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas.

The best time of year to vacation in Cabo San Lucas is from January to May.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination for vacationers, but the weather can be unpredictable. The average temperature during the summer months is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can get as high as 100 degrees in July and August. On the other hand, the average temperature during the winter months is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a great time to visit if you want to avoid crowds and save money on flights.

The best time of year to vacation in Cabo San Lucas is March through May and September through November.

Cabo San Lucas has a desert climate with temperatures that range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) during the day to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) at night.

The humidity is low, averaging about 20 percent throughout the year.

In March and April, you can expect average daytime highs between 77°F and 90°F, with nighttime lows between 53°F and 61°F. These months are also great for whale-watching as they are migrating through the Baja Peninsula.

In September and October, average high temperatures range from 77°F to 89°F while nighttime lows stay around 56°F to 64°F. This time of year is perhaps best known for its beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Picture-perfect Los Cabos offers a desert-meets-sea aesthetic, with gorgeous burnt orange rock formations that tumble down to meet the wide open Pacific.

Los Cabos is a natural stunner, but it also happens to be one of Mexico’s most luxurious destinations. Packed with some of the best resorts in the country, Los Cabos often sets the bar on a five-star experience. 

But there is much more to this southern Baja town than stellar accommodations. The destination is also known for its world-class water sports, diving, yachting, culture and events. It’s no wonder that Los Cabos is one of Mexico’s best year-round destinations.

Still, there are always things to consider when deciding the best time to visit Los Cabos. High-season holidays can drive up hotel rates, while low season can either make or break a vacation, with the potential for both rock-bottom prices and thrashing storms. Even in low season, however, Los Cabos manages to find a way to keep things fun and enjoyable.

Here’s our season-by-season, month-by-month guide to the best time to visit Los Cabos.

Stick to high season (December to April) for perfect weather

With average temperatures that range between a delicious 77 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, high season is the most popular time to visit Los Cabos for a reason. Thanks to cool breezes that ride in off of the Pacific, visitors to Los Cabos can expect sunny and warm days with cooler desert nights. Since Los Cabos is where the desert meets the sea, the cooler winter temperatures make this the best time for sightseeing in Los Cabos, from outdoor adventures like ATV riding and hiking to visiting its so-called Magic Towns, like Todos Santos. High season is also the best time of year to see the whale sharks that migrate past Los Cabos. All of this said, high season does bring crowds, especially around Christmas, New Year’s and spring break. Expect hotels and restaurants to increase their rates considerably.

A whale shark (rhincodon typus), the biggest fish in the ocean, seen from above in the waters off of La Pas, Baja California Sur
Visit Los Cabos in high season to catch the annual migration of the gentle giants of the ocean: the whale sharks © Leonardo Gonzalez / Shutterstock

Peace and quiet await during shoulder season (May to June)

Los Cabos’ shoulder season might be the destination’s best-kept secret. Not only are temperatures still perfectly pleasant (warm in the day, cool at night), but the majority of crowds have gone home – meaning prices come down, and the frenzied, vivacious holiday vibe gives way to one that’s almost sleepy. While the whales will have left for cooler waters, the increasingly warmer temperatures mean that the water is just right for swimming. (Though as always you’ll have to scope out the elusive swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, as many are too turbulent for a casual swim.) Temperatures start to really get up there in May and June as Los Cabos heads into its driest months. Still, with plenty of sun and prices that descend from the holiday highs, you’ll see that shoulder season is one of the best times to visit Los Cabos.

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You can find great deals in low season (July to September) 

Late summer into early fall is when you’ll start to see temperatures rise into the 90s (Fahrenheit), bringing a thick blanket of humidity and lots of rain. While the rain may make it a little more difficult to catch those southern Baja rays, the rainy weather brings a green, lush carpet to the otherwise rocky desert environment. This time of year is incredibly quiet by Los Cabos standards, and visitors may find that restaurants or activities operate on more limited schedules. That said, this is the time to find the best deals in Los Cabos, from lower nightly rates to free upgrades.

Here’s a monthly guide to what you can expect in Los Cabos. Keep in mind that events and details are subject to change.


January is the coolest month in Los Cabos. But even the coldest day here is still pretty warm. Expect a large number of crowds and high hotel prices first week of the month, as New Year’s celebrations wind down.

Key events: El Día de los Reyes Magos, Todos Santos Music Festival


You’ll still be enjoying the perfect weather in Los Cabos, only this time with much more space to yourself. Except, of course, if you’re into jazz. February is when Plaza Pescador in San José del Cabo plays host to the Jazz Festival, a key event of the vibrant cultural scene in the region.

Key events: Todos Santos Art Festival, Los Cabos Half Marathon, Jazz Festival


Daytime temperatures begin to inch their way into the 80s during the month of March, and with the start of spring break in schools, you’ll start to notice an uptick in both families as well as younger travelers looking to party by the pool by day and bar-hop by night.

Key events: Cheese & Wine Festival, Todos Santos Film Festival


By April, spring break and Semana Santa (Holy Week) are in full spring all across Mexico’s resort destinations, including Los Cabos. Expect high room rates and lots of people out on the beaches, in the streets, and at the bars, especially in Cabo San Lucas. San José del Cabo tends to be much more quiet. By the end of the month, though, the frenzy begins to cool off, while the temperatures begin to climb.

Key events: Spring Break, Semana Santa 

People enjoying a kayak ride in yellow kayak wearing life vests along the impressive landmark stone arc on beautiful turquoise waters at Cabo San Lucas under a sunny sky
As the temperatures rise in the spring, water sports like kayaking become especially appealing © Jaime RG / Shutterstock


May languidly rolls in on a heat wave. Yet it’s also one of the best times to visit Los Cabos because the vibe still hums with energy, especially if you’re a boater or a surfer. Surf season in Los Cabos runs from May through October in the Sea of Cortez. May also brings thousands of aquatic enthusiasts to the marina to enjoy the Cabo Marine Show.

Key events: Cabo Marine Show, Gastrovino Baja Food & Wine Festival


The southern tip of the Baja Peninsula is a tropical desert, and June weather will certainly remind you of that. The days stay hot, and precipitation is virtually nonexistent. But that does not stop Los Cabos from putting on a host of events. From surf competitions to golf and music, Los Cabos has plenty to entertain.

Key events: Los Cabos Open of Surf, Stars Stripes Fishing & Golf Tournament, Fiesta de la Música, Gala de Danza


Scorching temperatures hit their peak in Los Cabos in July. You may see a rainstorm here and there, but precipitation is still pretty rare at the peak of summer. July begins turtle-nesting-season in Los Cabos. It’s also peak time of year for Mexican summer vacation, which means beaches can be crowded and hotel occupancy high.

Key events: East Cape Dorado Shootout


Blazing temperatures and thick humidity continue. Thunderstorms start to become more normal towards the end of the month. Still, fishing is in full swing in the Sea of Cortez. 

Key events: East Cape Bisbee Tournament, Festival del Mango Todos Santos


Los Cabos crashes into September with a roll of thunder and heavy rain. It is the wettest month in Los Cabos. While hurricane season is said to start in summer, in reality the storms don’t kick up force until September.

Key events: Independence Day


Storms continue into October, though they tend to taper off considerably compared to September. October is also when Los Cabos begins to prepare for the rush of the holiday high season. Hotel rates start to climb, and the events calendar starts to pick up again, especially when it comes to fishing tournaments.

Key events: Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, Bisbee’s International Black & Blue Tournament, Fiestas Tradicionales Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos Gran Fondo


After months of heat and humidity, the temperatures finally begin to break in November, and the rains start to fade away. Peak season is just around the corner, so it’s best to book November travel a few months in advance in order to secure lower prices. Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times to visit Los Cabos. November is when many of the peak season events start back up, like the San José del Cabo Art Walks and the organic market.

Key events: Day of the Dead, Los Cabos International Film Festival, VIP Summit

Fireworks at Medano Beach during a New Year’s celebration, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
The peak of the high season, New Year’s Eve is always festive in Los Cabos © Romana Lilic / Getty Images


Peak season officially kicks off when the calendar flips to December. If you like whale watching, December kicks off the season when the whales start to arrive in the warmer waters around Los Cabos. Crowds start to arrive in Los Cabos in droves and hotel rates reach all-time highs, especially in the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Still, this is one of the most energetic times to be in Los Cabos, with holiday celebrations, foodie events and lots of parties to enjoy.

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