Best summer vacation with toddlers

Summer is here. Millions of people will be on summer vacation, most with kids in tow. Vacations are great opportunities to be creative and fun. Here are some tips for a best summer vacation with toddlers.

Even though summer vacation is just around the corner, many parents are starting to worry about how they will deal with their toddlers at home. It’s not easy to plan for a great summer vacation without spending a lot of money. However, there are many ideas that can help you keep your bank account from taking a big hit this summer. Here are some tips and tricks which will help to make your toddler’s summer truly memorable!

Are you planning to take your first toddler on a summer vacation? Then you should know that there are easier and less stressful vacations, and others that might be more challenging. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by carefully reading this article and choosing the right vacation for your toddler.

Vacationing with toddlers is a different experience than many. Even if growing up you were in to traditional summertime fun with swimming, sandcastle building, and the occasional fly-a-kite under bluebird skies, taking toddlers on a vacation yields different things: way more foods eaten on the floor, small pieces of crayons stashed in luggage, and hands reaching out for anyone willing to hold them. Here are some toddler vacation ideas that worked/ don’t work when I recently took my kids on vacation (age 2 and 4).

Summer vacation is the most magical time of year. The sun is out and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

But what about if you have young children? How do you get them away from their screens and into the sunshine?

Here are some ideas for the best summer vacation with toddlers:

-Pack a bag and head to the beach. The sand will keep your little ones busy for hours!

-Take a road trip to visit relatives or friends who live far away. They’ll love seeing different scenery and meeting new people!

-Go on a picnic at a local park, or pack up a lunch and head to an amusement park for some rides and fun! If it’s too hot outside, head indoors instead—you’ll find plenty of things to do there as well!

Summer vacation is the perfect time to take your family on a trip, but with toddlers in tow, it can be a little bit more difficult than you expected. Here are some tips for making sure that your summer vacation with your toddler is a success:

Make sure you have everything prepared before you leave. Pack snacks, diapers, and toys in separate bags so they’re easy to find. Don’t forget sunscreen! And don’t forget your child’s comfort items like blankets and stuffed animals.

When packing food for your toddler, make sure that it’s easily accessible. If they’re not able to reach it themselves, then put it somewhere where they can see it but not reach it (like on the top shelf of the fridge). Or consider packing a few smaller containers of food so they can get what they want without making too much of a mess or having too many choices available at once.

If your child is old enough to walk around by themselves, teach them how important it is for them to stay close by you at all times when traveling by car (even if you have an extra seat belt installed). It’s also important for them to know not only how to call 911 but also who

Beach vacations

Beaches are one of the most popular destinations for all travelers. When tot-friendliness — not ocean views — is your prime concern, look for beach spots with plenty of family attractions and services.

family vacations with baby or toddler: beach vacations
Shutterstock / Aleksandar Todoro

Where to go: 

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: “Prompt Response Line,” allows parents to order anything they need to care for their baby; custom meals for severe food allergies; Johnson & Johnson Gentle Travel Kits; Atlantis Kids Adventures (AKA) and Sea Squirts interactive marine animal program and feedings for kids ages 3 and up; CPR certified babysitters; luxurious Mandara Spa.

Why kids will love it: 141 acres of water attractions including Splashers, a waterplay area just for tots; 50,000 fish and sea creatures; make-your-own stuffed animals at Atlantis Pals; free nightly family movies.

Cost: $$$$

When to go: Year-round with great rates during fall months

Best for: Families who love water activities, particularly those with at least one school-aged child.

More great options:

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Explore a national park

A national park is the perfect place to cultivate a lifelong love of nature. Toddlers will be wide-eyed and wondrous at the towering trees, blue sky and curious critters they encounter in these great green spaces — best seen from the stroller, child carrier or bike trailer.

family vacations with baby or toddler: national park vacations
Shutterstock / bjul

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: With mountain vistas, tropical rainforests, and coastal tidepools, it’s got three eco-systems to discover; there are several bike paths and stroller-friendly hiking trails (get suggestions from the visitor’s center); East Beach has a shallow swimming area with sandy shore for digging and castle making;  has a toasty mineral water wading pool (and day use rates), so you can soak with your little one safely beside you; picnic areas are scattered throughout the park for alfresco meals; and there’s lodging in and outside the park.

Why kids will love it: In the forest they’ll discover bright yellow banana slugs and skittering salamanders, and glow worms after sunset; the tidepools are filled with sea stars, crabs, snails and tiny fish; the Discovery Room in the park’s main visitor center has interactive touch tables and a pint-sized Ranger Station playhouse, with puppets, dress-up clothes and more.

Cost: $ – $$

When to go: Summer and Fall

Best for: Outdoorsy families

More great options:

  • , Sierra Nevada, California
  • ,
  • ,

Visit a farm

Little kids love feeding baby animals and helping to bake homemade cookies, two of the many activities that are often part of farm stays. In addition, visiting a family-friendly farm can be a fun, economical getaway for your whole gang.

family vacations with baby or toddler: farm trips
Shutterstock / WDG Photo

Where to go: 

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: Escaping the hustle-bustle of the city for a relaxing change of pace; enjoying warm hospitality and delicious food; teaching kids about farm life.

Why kids will love it: Feeding baby animals; milking cows and goats; playing with kittens; hay rides; fall corn mazes; bonfires and s’mores; fishing; kite flying.

Cost: $ – $$

When to go: May through October

Best for: Families who enjoy animals, nature and home cooked meals — particularly those who need an escape from the big city.

More great options:

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Amusement parks

With their tot-tested appeal, ,and(now in Florida as well as California) are often seen as the standard bearers. Families visitingcan stop at Seuss Landing for tot-friendly rides.

family vacations with baby or toddler: amusement parks
Shutterstock / SerbBgd

Where to go: 

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: Many creative opportunities for young kids, all rides and attractions are designed for kids ages 2 to 7; and a special 10,000-sqare-foot pool for babies and toddlers.

Why kids will love it: Sesame Street characters; nine tot-sized water rides; Elmo’s World, a 21,000-square-foot playland with cute character shows; the rockin’ daily Neighborhood Street Party parade.

Cost: $ – $$

When to go: Daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weekends from early May through late October.

Best for: Families with little ones looking for a day of fun outdoor activity.

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Lounge at the lake

With their calm waters and family attractions, lakes are popular vacations for families with babies or toddlers. Lakes can also be great spots for family road trips, saving big bucks on travel costs.

family vacations with baby or toddler: lake vacation
Shutterstock / Elena Elisseeva

Where to go: 

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: All-inclusive resort with lots of opportunities for “me” time; nine unique programs for newborns to kids up to 30 months of age; kids camp program for toddlers; Parents’ Night Out — whenever you wish; parents’ only candlelight cocktails and dining; one caregiver to every one to two children; special activities for families with young children; art and water sports activities, bikes with baby seats; parents’ helpers and evening sitters available for extra charge.

Why kids will love it: Playhouse Playground; fishing for perch; Splash Pad and indoor/outdoor water play areas; theme parties; campfires; storytelling; teepee and tree house.

Cost: $$$ – $$$$

When to go: Open late May through mid-September. Special rates are available in May, June and September.

Best for: Water-loving families, parents of little ones seeking some romantic time alone and families who prefer all-inclusive vacations.

More great options:

  • ,
  • ,
  • ,

Ranch time

What kid doesn’t love pony rides, cowboys and sing-a-longs?

family vacations with baby or toddler: visit a ranch
Shutterstock / mezzotint

Where to go: 

Cool option:

Why parents will love it: All-inclusive resort vacation; childcare nursery for kids under 4; in-room babysitting; and custom meals for severe food allergies.

Why kids will love it: Over 100 indoor and outdoor activities; pony and wagon rides for kids ages 2 and up; interactive playground for babies and toddlers; new Big Splash indoor waterpark; tubing and ski programs for toddlers; a comprehensive nursery program.

Cost: $$

When to go: Open year-round.

Best for: Families who love all-inclusive resorts, a wide variety of family activities and lots of good old-fashioned fun.

More great options:

  • ,
  • ,

All-inclusive family resorts

It’s comforting to know exactly how much your vacation is going to cost before you go, especially when you have picky eaters and other little kid issues to consider. Family-focused all-inclusives — hands down — offer the most extensive family amenities of any type of destination, including nannies, suites with separate kids’ rooms, baby meal programs and more.

family vacations with baby or toddler: all inclusive family resorts
Shutterstock / Maxim Tupikov

Where to go: 

Cool option: 

Why parents will love it: Special Toddler & Baby Inclusive program; Gourmet Gerber meals; Fisher-Price Little People themed family suites; Mom’s Morning jogging/yoga program; anytime babysitting and nanny services for extra fee; baby equipment and a toy loan program; personalized Family Friends Vacation Planner; beach and pool butlers; private beach dinners; and new spa and seaside massages.

Why kids will love it: Azulitos Play House Kid’s Club with Fisher-Price toys; Mini Mayans cultural program; My Gym Fitness Center equipment; Kids’ Spa Suites with Strawberry Ice Cream manicures; in-room family movie nights.

Cost: $$$ – $$$$

When to go: Best temperatures in winter and spring, best rates and family packages in the fall.

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