Best ski vacation for families

The best ski vacation for families should be a comfortable and fun experience. It is really important to make sure that the hotel has family-friendly features and services, top-notch customer service and activities for kids. The main thing you should focus on when choosing the destination for your ski vacations is the weather.

You can’t go wrong with these five ski vacations for families. Each location excels at being kid-friendly, family-oriented, and also providing a great experience for parents who want to focus on skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and/or winter hiking.

All skiers would love to have a ski vacation with their families, especially the kids. Their enthusiasm for winter sports can be infectious and many times parents don’t get much for themselves. After all, all family members are still inexperienced in skis and snowboards and resort lifts are mostly occupied by young tourists so you often end up spending more time waiting than actually skiing. Generally speaking, it’s hard to find an appropriate ski resort for a family ski holiday because these sites usually focus on healthy sports that require huge tracks and horizontal descents like Alpine or cross-country skiing. This means that they may not offer short slopes and groomed trails that you need when traveling with children.

If you’re looking for the best ski vacation for families, look no further than [destination name]. With a variety of activities and lodging options, this destination has everything you need to make your family’s next ski trip the best ever.

The [destination name] Ski Resort offers a wide range of activities that are perfect for kids and adults alike. From cross-country skiing to snowshoeing, your kids will have so much fun exploring new places in this beautiful area.

And if they’re not into skiing and snowboarding, they can enjoy other winter activities like ice skating or tubing down the bunny slope at the resort. You’ll find plenty of options when it comes to lodging too—from cozy cabins to luxury hotels with all the amenities needed to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Vail is the best ski vacation for families because it has a large number of activities and amenities, including the Beaver Creek Golf Club, which features two championship golf courses; the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch Hotel & Spa, which offers spa services for adults and children; and the Vail Children’s Center, which provides childcare for children ages six weeks to 12 years.

The resort also offers ski lessons for kids at four different levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced beginner/low intermediate or high intermediate/low advanced) and has an annual ski school graduation ceremony. The resort also has an indoor ice skating rink that’s open year-round and a number of places to eat at different price points.

Best ski vacation for families


If you’re looking for a great winter vacation, both “beaver creek” and “snowmass” come to mind. The two towns are located near the Colorado Rockies, which are great for skiing. “Winter Park” is another town in Colorado that’s ideal for family vacations—and it has a ski resort too! If you want to visit Utah, check out “deer valley”. There’s also Mammoth Mountain in California, which has some of the best snow in North America.

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Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek is a great mountain for families, with plenty of options to keep the kids entertained. The ski school has a separate classroom just for kids, and their instructors go through a training program to make sure they’re up to date on how best to teach children.

The kids club is another option for younger skiers; here they can participate in arts and crafts or other organized games while mom and dad take turns skiing. At the end of the day, Beaver Creek offers an optional children’s spa service with massages and facials available by appointment only.

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park is a smaller resort than the others listed above. It’s also a great place for families with young kids. The ski school at Winter Park is exceptional—and they’ll give you some tips on how to make your own child an expert skier well before they’re ready for lessons. The rental shop has quality gear, and the lodge has everything you’d want in a home base: comfortable rooms, good food and drinks, and plenty of entertainment options for adults as well as kids (including free babysitting!).

Snowmass, Colorado

Snowmass, Colorado

If you have kids who are beginning skiers or snowboarders, Snowmass is the best option. The resort has the highest percentage of beginner and intermediate terrain in North America. Snowmass also has a great family-friendly ski school that provides age-appropriate lessons for kids as young as 3 years old.

Deer Valley, Utah

Deer Valley is a great option for families because it’s a smaller resort with a central village. It also has some of the best ski schools in the country, especially for kids. If you want to take your family skiing this season and live in Utah—or just not go far away from home—Deer Valley is definitely an option you should consider.

Mammoth Mountain, California

Mammoth Mountain is a great destination for families with young kids. It’s one of the few ski resorts that offers skiing and boarding for children as young as two years old. The mountain also has great ski schools and activities for kids, including ski lifts designed just for little ones.

A popular activity for families at Mammoth Mountain is snow tubing, where you can slide down a hill on a specialized tube instead of skiing or boarding. There are also several other fun outdoor activities to try in this part of California: hiking, sledding (on specially built sledding runs), and biking through some amazing scenery!

The area around Mammoth Mountain has plenty of restaurants serving delicious food—plus there are hotels nearby if you want to stay in town while visiting the resort during your vacation here!

Snowmass and Beaver Creek are the perfect mountain destinations for families with young kids.

Snowmass and Beaver Creek are the perfect mountain destinations for families with young kids. Both resorts are close to airports, they’ve got tons of activities for kids (and adults), and there is no shortage of family-friendly restaurants or hotels.

Additionally, Snowmass has a free shuttle system that can take you between all four mountains on the property. When you’re not skiing, this is an easy way to get around without having to rent a car or deal with traffic in the parking lots!


There is no one perfect mountain destination for families. As you can see from our list of amazing resorts, each ski vacation offers its own set of adventure and excitement. Some are best for those who want to relax in the great outdoors while others offer plenty of activities on and off the slopes. The key is figuring out which resort suits your family’s needs so that everyone has something fun to do during their stay at an affordable price point.

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