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Summer is fast approaching, and all those who are familiar with the beach, they know that salt water can severely dry out your hair. Regardless of what many people do or say, it is not recommended to use regular shampoo on a beach vacation. That’s why in this article we will take a look at several types of shampoos that would be perfect for you to use during your holiday.

If you plan to have a beach vacation this summer, there are a few things that you should know. One of which is how to properly care for your hair. While sitting in the sun, swimming and doing other fun activities, your hair will be exposed to harmful rays and chlorine. This will surely take its toll if the proper products are not applied beforehand, and properly maintained through the duration. The following article contains recommendations for the best shampoos for summer and thus you can return from your vacation with beautiful hair!

Summer is around the corner, and with it comes beach vacations, late night parties and plenty of good times. You can’t have a good time without going all out. You start by picking the right shampoo for your trip.

Do you have a beach vacation coming up? Are you worried about how your hair will fare in the salty air and sun?

There are a few things you can do to make sure your hair stays healthy and strong so you look great all week long.

First, invest in a good shampoo. If your hair is already healthy and strong, it’s going to be able to withstand the rigors of the beach much better than if it’s been damaged by heat styling or harsh chemicals. A good shampoo will keep your hair from getting too dry from being out in the sun all day, which can cause breakage and split ends.

The best shampoos for this purpose are ones that contain natural oils like coconut or argan oil. These products will help keep your scalp hydrated without leaving it greasy or weighed down. You’ll also want to look for shampoos made with purified water, as regular tap water can make your scalp more susceptible to bacteria growth.

You should also consider using a conditioning treatment at least once a week while you’re on vacation—this may sound like overkill, but having dry hair is one of the biggest contributors to breakage after spending hours under the sun!

Best shampoo and conditioner for beach vacation


Your hair is bound to go through a lot during beach vacations. You’ll spend hours in the sun, salt water and free chlorine (or even worse, combined chlorine from pools), and might be tempted to tie it back every day rather than deal with it. Fortunately, you can take care of your hair while you’re having fun in the sun with a few simple tips.

Use salt spray to make hair feel thicker and add hold to your style.

Salt spray is a product that many beach-goers swear by. It’s made of salt, so you can imagine what it does: give your hair texture and hold!

To use salt spray on wet hair, spray the product at a distance of six to eight inches from your head. Then scrunch or twist it into your locks for added volume and texture. To use salt spray on dry hair, spritz some in your hands and work them through in an upward motion from root to tip (this helps prevent frizz).

Always wash your hair after a long day of swimming.

If you’re going to be at the beach for a long time, it’s best to wash your hair. Washing your hair after swimming in the ocean or pool will prevent sunburn on your scalp, as well as avoid damage from salt water and chlorine. Always remove sand from hair before washing it with shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t wash away the sand and dirt, they can get tangled into your hair and cause breakage. It’s also important to avoid getting sunburned on your scalp because that can cause even more damage than just letting dirt accumulate there over time.

The best thing you can do for your hair is brush it daily.

The best thing you can do for your hair is brush it daily. Brushing distributes natural oils from the scalp to the shaft of your hair, which helps strengthen and condition it. In addition, brushing stimulates blood flow to the scalp and aids in stimulating hair follicles so that they’re able to produce healthy new growth.

Avoid tying back your hair when it’s wet.

Tying back wet hair can cause breakage.

Tying back wet hair can cause tangles.

Tying back wet hair can cause a “cowlick.”

Tying back wet hair can cause a headache.

Tying back wet hair can cause a chafing of the neck or ears, as well as irritation to your scalp if you’re wearing headbands or other accessories that touch it while drying off after swimming (think: goggles).

Try a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

In addition to your daily hair care routine, it’s important to give your hair a little extra love on vacation. The heat, sun and ocean water can wreak havoc on your strands—so try adding a weekly deep conditioning treatment into your schedule.

  • If you have time before you go: Use a deep conditioning mask once or twice before you pack up for vacation. Then put on another layer of product while in transit, so that every strand has time to absorb all the moisture it can get.*
  • During the trip: If possible (and if it doesn’t weigh down your hair too much), apply some more deep conditioning product after each time you wash up in salt water. This will keep the moisture locked in.*

Ask your hairstylist for a cut before you go away.

Ask your hairstylist for a cut before you go away.

  • It will save you time and stress when you get there.
  • You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, so it’s better to have shorter hair than longer hair.

Don’t wash your hair every day while on vacation.

If you’re going to the beach, you’ll want to keep your hair looking its best. It’s easy to think that washing your hair every day is the best way to achieve that. But if you’re like most people, your natural oils will make your scalp produce more oil than usual and washing it too much can lead to dryness and brittle hair. Instead of repeatedly stripping it of natural oils, try washing just once or twice a week—especially because air travel and time spent in a hotel room can make staying away from daily showers challenging. If last-minute travel plans mean skipping the salon altogether, try using dry shampoo before getting in the shower so that when you do wash again (if ever), it won’t be as difficult for imbalanced locks!

Let braid waves last as long as possible by skipping the shampoo routine.

If you’re planning on braiding your hair, it’s best to wait until the last possible minute to shampoo. While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s actually an easy way to preserve the natural waves in your hair. When you wash your hair every day, it dries out and becomes frizzier than usual. Shampooing too often can also lead to breakage, so try skipping a few washes before doing your braids if you have time.

You can also use dry shampoo in between washes if needed. Dry shampoos won’t leave behind any residue or build up like regular shampoos do—they absorb oil from the scalp and help extend the life of braid waves until next time!

With the right care, your hair will always look great during beach vacations!

The right products are key to maintaining healthy hair, even when you’re not at home.

  • For your hair: Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for your hair type. The best way to find these products is by talking to your stylist about what works best for you.
  • For the rest of you: Try using a body wash that has lots of moisturizing ingredients in it (like shea butter and aloe) so that it keeps your skin nice and soft while also helping prevent any kind of dryness from occurring.
  • And lastly: Apply some perfume before leaving on vacation so that every time someone hugs or kisses you, they’ll get an extra dose of fragrance—and therefore happiness!


You should always be careful with how you care for your hair. It’s easy to forget until it’s too late, which is why we’re here to remind you of some of the best practices when it comes to keeping your locks looking good during those beach days. A few simple tips can keep things from getting out of hand while still enjoying everything the summer sun has to offer!

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