Best places to work in indianapolis

Not only are these companies offering interesting projects, but some of them are located in the hottest startup environment in the world. So here follow the list of Top 10 places to work in indianapolis.

Everyone wants to earn as much as they can, but not at any cost. Working in a great workplace with a great colleagues, where you get interesting challenges, incentives and good feedbacks is what you need to be productive. Below are some of the best places to work in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to several large businesses and small to medium size companies. The area offers many cultural and entertainment opportunities for residents, including professional sports teams and big-name concerts. Whether you are new to the area or considering a move to Indianapolis, there are many great places to work in the city. By looking at factors such as employee satisfaction, industry diversity and employee growth, you can find a job that will work well with your lifestyle.

The best places to work in Indianapolis are the companies that offer their employees a chance at a career and a life.

These companies understand that their employees are more than just cogs in the machine—they’re people with lives, passions, and families. They know that if they want to attract the best talent, they’ve got to offer more than just a paycheck.

The best places to work in Indianapolis also understand that their employees’ happiness is directly tied to the way they treat them. When employees feel valued and respected by their employers, they are more likely to put forth their best effort and stay with the company long-term. This ultimately improves productivity and profitability for all involved!

The best places to work in Indianapolis are ones that have a positive and engaging culture, provide opportunities for growth, and offer benefits that make employees feel appreciated.

Here are the top 15 companies on Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work in Indianapolis:

PNC Financial Services Group (ranked #1)

KPMG LLP (ranked #2)

IBM (ranked #3)

Deloitte (ranked #4)

Bank of America (ranked #5)

Eli Lilly & Company (ranked #6)

Salesforce (ranked #7)

Wells Fargo & Co. (ranked #8)

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (ranked #9)

Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital (ranked #10)

Citizens Energy Group Inc. (ranked #11)

Best places to work in indianapolis


Indianapolis has been called one of the best places to live and work in the country, and with good reason. The city is home to many major employers like Eli Lilly, Anthem, Rolls-Royce and more. In fact, Forbes has called it “the most underrated city in America” for its cost of living (10 percent below the national average), rent (25 percent below the average), and walkability score (85). But what’s it really like to work at these companies? If you’re relocating for a job or thinking about staying local after graduation, these are the top 10 companies in Indy you should consider:


Apparatus is a learning platform for high-school students to learn coding. It was founded by two women, and as of December 2018 has over 100,000 users in over 200 schools.

Apparatus requires no prior programming experience from its users, but does require them to pass an entrance exam before being accepted into the program. The company offers free trials and accepts donations from individuals or schools that are interested in the product. Teachers can also purchase subscriptions for their classrooms at discounted rates through Apparatus’ website, which is powered by Stripe payments software so that teachers can easily track student progress within each course if they choose not use Apparatus’ proprietary tracking system (which requires more setup time).

Mavenly + Co.

Mavenly + Co. is a digital marketing agency that has been named a top employer by several publications. They are also a woman-owned business, and they have been named to the Power & Influence Top 100 list by Business Insider magazine. This recognition makes Mavenly + Co. one of the best places to work in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Midwest.

Young & Laramore

Young & Laramore is one of the best places to work in Indianapolis. Their focus on design and innovation creates a culture that makes them stand out from other firms. They have been recognized by HBR’s Best Places to Work, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For, and Glassdoor as one of the 30 Best Small & Medium-Sized Employers in America.

They have a collaborative environment and encourage teamwork throughout all levels of their organization. Their team members enjoy working together for a common purpose: producing high quality work for their clients while also enjoying life outside of work with colleagues who share similar interests!


Salesforce is a cloud computing company that was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris. It has more than 150,000 customers, including 86% of the Fortune 500 companies. Salesforce is a Fortune 500 company and has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Salesforce has been named one of the best places to work by Fortune magazine every year since 2016.

Salesforce’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California with offices all over the world including Boston; Chicago; London; Amsterdam; Beijing and Sydney

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a consumer review website founded by Angie Hicks in 1995. The company helps its members to find reliable service providers in their area, and helps consumers receive high quality products at the best possible price.

For years, Angie’s List has been on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list. This is due to the company’s culture of transparency and trust between employees, as well as their employee benefits including paid parental leave for both male and female employees (including adoptive parents), unlimited vacation time after one year with the company, healthcare coverage for all employees (including domestic partners), retirement plans with employer matching funds up to 3% of salary per year for 401(k), free parking onsite or nearby free shuttle service during work hours if needed due to lack of parking space at work location; discounted gym membership opportunities through Wellness Associates Network (WAN) located offsite from main office building

Genesys Talent

If you’re looking to work at a digital marketing agency that’s growing fast, look no further than Genesys Talent. This Indianapolis-based company has been on the rise since its founding in 2007, and they just keep growing. Their team is made up of highly creative individuals who are passionate about their work and enjoy working with each other—and it shows in their client relationships as well.

Genesys Talent is definitely a great place to work if you want to be part of something that’s growing rapidly, but what makes it even better is that it’s actually fun! They have an amazing office space with tons of room for creativity and collaboration; they host social events like “Game Nights” where employees can get together after hours; and they offer generous salaries commensurate with experience level and education level (which is impressive considering how competitive market rates are).


Guidebook is a travel guide app that helps users find the best places to eat, drink and travel. The company was founded in 2012 by Matt Dail and has since grown to be one of the most popular travel apps on iOS.

Guidebook has over 2 million downloads and is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth

TechPoint Foundation for Youth is a nonprofit organization that helps young people ages 16 to 24 find jobs. They do this through the following programs: * The TechPoint Boot Camp, which teaches youth job skills and provides them with a digital portfolio that they can show off to potential employers.

  • Career Services and Coaching, which provides coaching and training on resume building, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing skills, professional attire and more.
  • Mentoring Program (one-to-one mentoring with adults), which helps bridge the gap between school and work life by providing mentors who are employed in their chosen field.

High Alpha

As a venture capital firm, High Alpha has invested in more than 100 companies since its founding in 2013. Many of these investments are located in the Midwest, including Indiana. The company has also earned membership into the Midwest Venture Capital Association (MWVCA), which is dedicated to supporting early-stage companies and entrepreneurs throughout the region.

Since its founding, High Alpha has invested in more than 25 Indiana companies with an emphasis on large-scale growth companies that have a broad impact on their communities and industries.


CapTech has been named one of the best places to work in Indianapolis by The Business Journal, a local business publication.

Founded in 1994, CapTech is a software and technology services provider with more than 1,200 employees at offices in Indianapolis, Ohio and Washington D.C., as well as Boston.

NextGear Capital

NextGear Capital is a financial services company that helps startups and small businesses get funding, as well as mergers and acquisitions. They were founded in 2010 and have offices in Indianapolis, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The office space at NextGear Capital is bright and open with lots of natural light coming through their floor-to-ceiling windows. There are multiple meeting rooms available for both team meetings or one-on-one sessions with clients. The break room has an espresso machine so you can grab an energizing cup of coffee before heading back to your desk!

Indy is growing thanks to these companies

Indy is growing thanks to these companies

Although Indianapolis isn’t the biggest city in the United States, its population has been steadily climbing at a rate of 1.2 percent per year over the last decade. This may not seem like much, but it’s higher than any other major city in Indiana. The increase in people living here is also largely due to new businesses moving into town or existing companies expanding their offices and hiring more employees.

The Indy metro area has seen some major growth from big names like Salesforce, which announced plans for an additional 1,000 jobs by 2021; Kroger Co., which plans on adding 500 jobs by 2022; Cummins Inc., which will add 400 jobs by 2020; and AT&T Inc., which plans on increasing its headcount by 2,000 over the next five years.


Indianapolis is a great place to work and live in part because of the companies that call it home. We’re proud to see that our city is attracting talented professionals from all over the world. Indy has many more dynamic organizations than we could possibly cover in this article, so we encourage you to explore our full list of finalists and winners for even more information on local businesses (and maybe your next dream job!)

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