Australian Tourist Visa For Nepalese

Australia is a welcoming country in the Southern Hemisphere, with a friendly and open attitude.  Australian tourists can enjoy the country’s natural beauty, clean air and water, warm climate and friendly people. It is considered as one of the top countries to visit in the world.    However, there are some rules that should be followed by all foreign visitors on this magnificent land.  We will discuss various ways to get Australia tourist visa for Nepalese nationals.  

Aussie Tourist Visa available for Nepalese is easy, reliable and affordable. If you are a genuine tourist who wants to visit Australia in the near future, you can avail this service. Aussie Tourist Visa with no prior requirement is one of the most popular immigration programs that provide help in terms of residency visa processing.

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Lodge your Australian visa application online

If you are wishing to visit Australia it is important that you lodge a complete application online and early. Lodging online is the fastest way to get your visa. Please note you may not have your visa decided in time if you lodge by paper.

Click here for information on how to lodge a complete Visitor visa online for Nepalese nationals.

All visa applications from Nepal are processed at the visa office of the Australian High Commission, New Delhi. A service delivery partner (VFS Global Service) has been appointed to collect visa applications on behalf of the Australian High Commission Visa Office in New Delhi.
For details on lodging applications from Nepal please visit:


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