Agriculture Visa For Canada

Canada is a place which is very much in love with agriculture, and the industry contributes to the economy and society of Canada. When it comes to agriculture, agriculture visa for Canada is one of the most important tools that are used by interested exporters to be able to venture into the business of farming by producing their own crops, thus making it lucrative and profitable for them so they can gain their share in Canadian market.

If you are a farmer and belong to any of the following countries then you will find this article very useful. Many countries today face lot of problems when it comes to obtaining the visa for their agricultural businessmen. There are only limited spots available in the above-mentioned countries, which is why they cannot be granted by the respective embassy or consulate. This is where Canada comes into play.

Every year, thousands of persons pursue their dreams of a better and more prosperous future by immigrating to Canada. In doing so, they look towards the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) implemented by the Canadian Provinces. The program is a means through which provinces & territories participate in selecting prospective immigrants that will be granted permanent residence based on specific criteria and requirements.  Currently, there are 8 PNPs which include;

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

If you are hired through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP), you can work for any SAWP employer in Canada.

Who can apply

You can qualify for the program if:

  • you’re a citizen of a country that takes part in the program,
  • your government recruited you, and
  • you’ll be working for SAWP employers in Canada.

Participating countries

How to apply

Each foreign government has its own process to recruit and select workers. Your government will make sure that you have all of the needed documents and that you are eligible for the program.

Paying your fees

Your fees and payment options depend on where you are applying from. You may also need to pay for biometrics.

Find out how to pay your fees.

Working for different employers

You may be asked to work on more than one farm while you’re in Canada. You don’t need a new work permit for each employer.

Note: You can’t be asked to work for a different employer without your consent.

Other agricultural workers

Your work permit will be employer-specific. This means that you can only work for the employer named on your work permit.

Before you apply

Your employer must get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is a document from Service Canada that allows an employer to hire a foreign worker through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Your employer must give you:

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