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When you want to shift to an affluent country where you will be able to utilize your skills and abilities, Australia is one of the most preferred countries by the people from India. And yes, it isn’t only because of the splendid beaches and wildlife of Australia. That is not just a fluke that so many people from across the globe are applying for Australian visa and settling in the same country.

Searching abroad for more opportunities? More fulfilling life? Brighter career? More money to the bank? So do thousands of australian visa applicants every year, but not all of them are finding success. It’s important to remember than in a business where the customer is king and customer satisfaction is highly valued, this also means that it’s essential to not only help you fulfill your dream as quickly as possible, but do it with the best value in mind.

An Australian visa is a permit issued by the government of Australia to allow a foreign national access to Australia’s migration zone. The migration zone is the area that encompasses Australia and its external territories. In order to maintain control over who has access to their land, Australia requires anyone entering the country to first obtain a visa unless they fall into an exempted category.

Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Australia

Helping you to create a dream life for yourself and those closest to you in one of the most developed countries in the world! As the premier Australia immigration consultants in Delhi we have helped numerous people realize their dream of settling there. Now you just might be the next one on the list! Before you get into the nitty-gritty of what we do and how we can help know why Australia is such a hot favorite to immigrate.

This highly developed country grapples with an ongoing shortage for skill across different industries. For the young and the talented this is a fantastic opportunity to go live and work to finally settle in Australia permanently. No wonder, there is a high demand for steady Visa, business Visa, and visa for skilled migration.

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Australian General Skilled Migration Visa Subclasses:

There are five visa subclasses that fall under this program to attain efficiency in the migration system of the country, and are as the following:

What is the Australia PR process timeline 2022

With a number of benefits associated with Australian immigration, the faster you start the better. The time for processing depends upon the category and the visa type. As your Australia immigration consultants in Delhi. we would like to inform you that 90% of applications take about 20 months and 75% of applications take 12 months for complete visa processing. The visa category will ultimately dictate the duration.

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