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Do you want to travel to the United Kingdom? And you want to make this dream possible? Then, complete your registration for uk visa agent. Approaching a good visa agent for uk visa in Mumbai is just like finding a life partner. If your decision of registering with an uk immigration agency is based on the wrong factors, then you will have wasted your time and money. But, if you make it with the best in town, then you will have saved yourself from bothering over and over again with the same perplexing situations. 

Becoming an overseas citizen is becoming a need for you for better and bright future in foreign country. And, it’s a rare possibility for you to meet up all the requirements to get Georgian citizenship. In that case, any kind of UK visa help become really important for you that can actually make it possible for you to achieve your goal.

Have you planned a trip to Britain? Well if so, you must apply for UK visa. The question arises when you want to get travel visa in Mumbai, how do you go about it? It’s hard because of the work load and amount of documents required. But there is help out there.

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EVS is UK Visa Agents in Mumbai last many years. We are providing UK visa assistance for individuals, corporate, family and students. If you want visit or travel UK, first you need to your Passport or travel document that verify your citizenship. We you will clear first step than the second step is that why do you want to UK visa? UK has following categories for people those want to visit UK.

  1. Tourism Visa, including visiting friends and family
  2. Work, Academic Visit or Business
  3. Study
  4. Transit (On your way somewhere else)
  5. Join partner or family for long stay
  6. Get Married or inter a civil partnership
  7. Visit your child at school
  8. Get private medical treatment
  9. For official diplomatic or Government business (Including transit through the UK)

United Kingdom is providing visa for Indian Citizens in above categories. It is step by step process for applying visa through British high commission. We will assist you every step as per your need in Mumbai. UK Visa in Mumbai is available affordable fees. UK Visa fees are our service charge. Our UK visa Office Mumbai is located at prime location. We will collect your all documents and fix your appointment for UK visa in Mumbai. If your need you visa from Mumbai, we will help in whole process of UK Visa.

UK Tourist, Travel and Business Visa in Mumbai: If you are a tourist or want a holiday’s trip of UK or you want to visit your friends and family then you need to apply for Standard Visitor Visa. The Standard Visitor Visa is replaced many visa such as family visitor visa, General visitor visa, child visitor visa, Business visitor visa including visas for academics, doctor and dentists, sport visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa,  prospective entrepreneur visa, private medical treatment visitor visa and approved destination status (ADS) visa. Standard Visitor visa is applicable for if you visit UK on Business.

UK Work Visa in Mumbai: If your objective is to visit UK for work, academic or business than it is to type such as how long you are planning to work in UK for 6 month or less and longer than 6 month. You want to visit UK for short period of time than you need to apply for Temporary worker visa. Temporary work visa is suitable for you to work in UK for short period in sports, arts & entertainments, as volunteers, a work experience role, a religious organization, a domestic worker in private household, a role in your overseas employee’s,  UK branch and a skilled job. Your object is to work in UK longer than 6 month than you need apply for different visa such as skilled work visa, temporary work visa, high value work visa and common wealth citizens but it depends on your circumstance.

UK Study Visa in Mumbai: If you want to study in UK for 6 month or less than you need to apply for short term study visa and if your age is less than 18 year than you can apply for child visa. If you are coming to UK for study in University or College course for more than 6 month than you need to apply for UK Study visa from Mumbai India.

UK Transit Visa in Mumbai: The first question about UK transit visa is, will you pass through UK Border Control? You might pass through UK Border control even if you don’t leave the airport. If yes than you need to apply for a Visitor Transit Visa, if you arrive on a fight and will pass through immigration control before you leave UK. If No, You need to apply for Direct Airside Transit Visa, If You arrives in the UK on a flight and leave again without immigration control.

UK Family Visa from Mumbai:  If you want to join partner or family in UK for 6 month or less than you should apply for Family Visit Visa from Mumbai. Family Visit visa depends on your family member’s situation. If your family member or partner is settle in UK and he is a British Citizens or outside of European Economic Area (EEA) than you need to apply for Family of a Settled Person Visa form Mumbai. If they are working or studying in UK and outside of European Economic Area than you need to Apply for Dependent Visa or Your family member visa category. If they are part of EEA than they apply for family permit for short or long period of time to join family and partner.

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