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Today, there are many options for Accountant visa in Uae. While each option has it own pros and cons, one has to do a thorough research before opting to go with the UAE Accountant visa. As an expat in UAE, an individual needs good accountant for complete support. Most of the times finding an accountant who understands the person as well as his business is quite challenging. Accountants are not only accountants, but they are also tax advisor and financial experts. In fact, they can be hired for other works like credit management and retirement plans. At times they even provide investment tips to their clients.

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Are you thinking about pursuing an accountant visa in the UAE? If yes, you’re probably not alone. After all, expat life in Abu Dhabi can be a pretty exciting adventure — especially with access to everything Dubai has to offer. However, as we all know, there are rules and laws that must be followed (actually, heaven forbid you break a rule — you might be deported!). Now, I’m no lawyer, but I’ve been told by my lawyer (let me rephrase that…my law-school friend) that I can offer some basic advice regarding accountant visas.

Full Job Description

The Department of Accounting at the College of Business and Economics at the UAEU invites applications for teaching assistants position. Successful candidates will be requested to pursue their graduate studies (Master and Doctorate of Philosophy) in well recognized university in the United States. Candidates should appreciate pursuing academic career with commitments to teaching and research. Applicants should submit a detailed curriculum vitae that includes a brief description of future vision of teaching at UAE University and research interest.

Minimum Qualification
Applicants must have an earned Bachelor degree in Accounting from reputable university. Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong communication skills, adequate English proficiency, and ability to use computers.

Preferred Qualification
Applicants with Master degree from a reputable university are preferable.

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