Abu Dhabi Work Visa For Pakistani

Pakistanis who have great experience in the kitchen and minoring in cooking can get the Abu Dhabi work visa. The UAE is an excellent place to work in most popular brands of world from 5-star hotels, resorts, cruise liners, airlines, military and other state organizations. Qualified and experienced individuals who wish to work abroad in a hospitable environment can apply for this visa.

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In order to get your Abu Dhabi work visa, you need to have an offer letter from a company in group 1 or group 2, who would be willing to sponsor you and is also registered with the Employment & Labor office of the Free Trade Zones in UAE. If you don’t know where to get an offer letter, there are many agencies in Pakistan which can help you get an offer letter. Qadira is one of them and they offer a free consultancy which includes the following:

If you are an expatriate living in Pakistan, UAE job opportunities and remote visa for Pakistani workers is the perfect country for getting non resident and free visa from Dubai. This free business visa has been made possible through the cooperation of the Government of Abu Dhabi with Pakistan’s Ministry.

UAE is the most favorite place to travel for Pakistanis, Its just few hours away from Pakistan, and is ranked as the best holiday and vacation spot for everyone. More than million Pakistani expats live and work in the UAE, if you want to visit UAE as a tourist or want to visit your family or friends than you need a visa online. The Abu Dhabi based airline Etihad has solved the problem of visa by introducing E-Visa or online visa for Pakistani visitors. Simply fill the simple form online, buy an Etihad Airways ticket, pay the visa fee online, and you will receive your visa online by email in next few days.
The ticket of Etihad Airways is mandatory if you want to apply the Online E Visa, and you will land at the Abu Dhabi airport, however you can reach in 1 hour by road to Dubai, 1 hour to Al Ain, 2 hours to Sharjah, 2 Hours to Ajman, 3 Hours to Ras al-Khaimah, 3.5 Hours to Fujairah.
Etihad Airways also provide free shuttle bus to Dubai from Abu Dhabi Airport, which will drop you on Sheikh Zayed Road, Near Al Barsha and Mall of the Emirates.

If you are visiting UAE on a visit visa or business visa in 2022, and looking forward to get information about the UAE visa requirements and application process, UAE visa fees, documents requirements and processing time than you are at the right place. The whole process is given below.

UAE Employment Visa Rules

To be allowed to work in the UAE, you as well as the company hiring you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • The license of the company hiring you has to be valid
  • The company must not have any violations
  • The work you do must correspond to the nature of the company hiring you

Who is Eligible for a UAE Work Visa?

Any foreigner who is over the age of 18 can work in the UAE, provided that they meet the standards set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). There is no maximum age for who can be employed in the UAE, but for workers over the age of 65, the company pays a higher fee.

Foreign workers are divided into three categories, based on their academic qualifications/skill sets:

  • Category 1: If you have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Category 2: If you have a post-secondary diploma in any field
  • Category 3: If you have a high school diploma

What documents do I need for a UAE employment visa?

When applying for an employment visa for UAE, you need several supporting documents, such as:

  • Your original passport along with a copy of your passport
  • A passport-size picture, in line with UAE requirements
  • Copies of your academic qualifications. Your qualifications have to be authorized by the UAE Embassy or consulate in your country as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.
  • Medical certificate, issued by a government-approved health center in the UAE.
  • Documents from the company hiring you, such as the commercial license of the company or the company card

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