90 Days Visit Visa For Uae

Working or staying in UAE is not a easy task there is a lot of formalities that have to be followed. As working or staying in UAE is not an easy undertaking first it is good to get legal documents that can support your visit visa and so to get a long term visa like marriage visa, employment visa student visa, and business visa.

Did you know that the UAE has one of the most generous visa policies in the world? It’s true. If you are a national of a number of countries you can come to the UAE for up to 3 months, extendable for another 3 months. You can even do this on a long visit visa multiple times so long as you allow 6 months between visits. Many people are also exempt from needing visas so long as they have Emirates ID cards. How great is that?!?

Not many countries in the world have their own visa policy. A visa policy is defined as a written set of rules which regulate immigration and border control. This can save the government a lot of money, as a majority of these expenses are paid by the individual themselves. However, this does leave the country at risk for any visitors who take advantage of them. Countries such as Australia, Canada, and the USA are among those with the most liberal visa policies.

90 days Visit Visa for Dubai

Whether you are visiting Dubai for a long business tour, to attend a fair or seminar, to visit a friend or family, or just for sight-seeing, you can apply for a 90 days visit visa for UAE that allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 3 months. So, if you are planning to stay in Dubai for a longer period of time, then a 90 days visit visa Dubai is the right type for you. Any individual who is not eligible for visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival in UAE is required to apply for this visa. The validity of this visa is for 58 days from the date of visa. It can be extended twice for 30 days. The fee for extending this visa is AED 850 each time

Applying for Dubai Visit Visa 90 Days

To apply for a 90 days visit visa for Dubai, you need to visit the UAE visa application center, submit your required documents and visa application, pay the fees and wait for the processing to take place. You can also apply for UAE visa online through Emirates Visa Services. It usually takes 3-5 days to process your visa application. Along with your visa application, you will need to submit certain documents as well, including copies of your passport and air ticket, and a couple of passport size photographs. You will also need to submit a covering letter mentioning the purpose for which you are visiting the UAE.

Sponsoring Visit Visa Dubai 90 Days

Any licensed travel agency, hotel, or national airline of the UAE can sponsor your 90 days visit visa Dubai. If you have availed the services of any of these service providers, then they would be glad to arrange a visa for you so that you can come to the country to avail their service. However, if you have a family member or friend already residing in the UAE, then you can request him or her to sponsor your visa. They will have to visit the UAE embassy in their city and apply for your visa. Once they receive it, they can send it to you, which you can use to enter Dubai from your country. While sponsoring your 90 days visit visa for UAE, your host will also need to submit his or her passport copy, residence proof and invitation letter.

90-days Visa on Arrival

Citizens of some countries can get visa on arrival for 90 days that is extendable as well. These countries are South Korea, Argentina, Bahamas, Solomon Islands and Nauru. The passports of nationals of the mentioned countries must be normal with six-month validity.

Nationals of some more countries can also obtain 90-days visa on arrival but it is non-extendable. These countries are Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic. The passports of citizens of the listed countries must be normal with six-month validity. This type of visa must be used within 180 days from first entry.

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