6 Month Visa For France

Once you’ve decided to go live together, the first thing to do is to obtain a 6 month visa.This gives you time to enjoy Paris and France together before deciding on longer term living arrangements. This can be done very easily and quickly and I’ll explain how in this article. The French visa is one of the most popular routes for Indian travelers. This option gives Indians an easy route of entry into France, thanks to the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) immigration system. Indians can get a free visa for 6 months with this option on arrival at Paris Airport.

The French Republic is a mainstay in the development of modern human rights doctrine. It is one of the first countries to have abolished the death penalty and one of the main driving forces behind the European Union. The French presidency can therefore be instrumental in influencing international decision-making towards greater respect for human rights.

Applying for a temporary long-stay Schengen visa (VLS-T)

Reminder: The temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T) is valid for 4–6 months. It applies to foreign nationals who wish to stay in France to attend a short educational programme, work as an artist or stay in France without working.
– Students from these 65 countries must apply for the temporary long-stay Schengen visa (VLS-T) on the Études en France platform. This portal facilitates pre-enrolment for foreign students at French universities and schools. Once accepted by the establishment, the applicant receives an Études en France certificate of admission and can begin the application procedure for a temporary long-stay Schengen visa with the consular authorities in their country of origin. Citizens of countries not on this list must apply directly with the French consular authorities in their country of residence. Non-working visitors must begin the application process for the temporary long-stay Schengen visa (VLS-T) on France-Visas. Once you have submitted your request online, you will have access to the application procedure and list of required documents, including proof of socioeconomic situation, a commitment not to work, medical insurance that covers the entire duration of stay and proof of lodging and resources to provide for your needs in France.
– Required administrative formality upon arrival in France: none. There are no required administrative formalities for holders of temporary long-stay Schengen visas while in France.
– And afterwards? The temporary long-stay visa in France is not renewable. The holder may not extend their stay for any reason. They may, however, apply for another short- or long-stay Schengen visa.

Long-stay Schengen visa France insurance

Recognised and accepted by all Schengen area countries, Europ Assistance’s Schengen visa insurance covers you for up to 12 months*. As soon as you take out the policy, you can access your proof of insurance online and you will benefit from 24/7 emergency travel assistance during your trip.

You can choose between our two Schengen visa insurance policies:
– The Schengen policy (starting at €3 per person) covers medical expenses up to €30,000 in the case of illness or injury in one of the Schengen area Member States and repatriation expenses and logistics for the insured party in the case of death.
– The Schengen Plus policy (starting at €5 per person) includes additional coverage and extends the coverage area to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. Medical expenses are covered up to €60,000 in the case of illness or injury. Additional coverage includes expenses and logistics for repatriation for the insured party in the case of death, expenses to extend your stay if prescribed by a doctor (for a maximum of 5 days), return expenses for the person accompanying the insured party, full coverage of the return journey to the country of residence for anyone under the age of 14.

Not sure which kind of visa you need? Use the Visa Wizard.

*The length of each trip cannot exceed 4 months.

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