489 Visa For Australia

The 489 visa for Australia enables those who wish to work under an eligible Skilled Occupation to bring their family with them. The holder of a 489 visa must have an intention to take up employment in a prescribed skilled occupation within a specified period. In this article we look at some of the new provisions that have been brought in as part of the ‘Employer Sanctions Amendment’ Regulations 2012 and the 144 transitional provisions that allow current 457 visa holders apply for a 489 visa if certain conditions are met. These regulations apply from March 3rd 2012, although it appears some changes will occur in March 2013. In the last decade there has been a major boom in Australia’s population growth. This increase can be attributed to many factors including the employment opportunities, quality of living, and weather. Due to the high population of young adults seeking university degrees in Australia, there is little doubt that the country’s economy is being bolstered by a new breed of skilled workers and enterprising individuals seeking opportunity. One such type of visa designed to foster these opportunities is the 489 Visa.

Australia is one of the preferred destinations for people who want to start a new life as it offers one of the most sought after work and student visa programs which are known as 489 visa and 417 visa respectively. Since the year 2001, the Australian Government has launched the Skilled Migration Program in order to fill the skill shortages that they were facing.

Gaining Legal Permanent Residence

After 2 years of living – and 12 months of working – in a Regional or low Population Growth Area on this visa visa holders can apply for the Skilled Regional Subclass 887 visa, which grants them legal permanent residence in Australia.

Please note that only those living and working in the areas noted on the Australia Regional or Low Population growth Areas table below are eligible to apply for legal permanent residence on the Skilled Regional Subclass 887 visa.


Under this visa, you can either be nominated by a state or territory government or be sponsored by an eligible relative.

To be able to submit a valid application for this visa you need to first submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. You can do this in or outside Australia.

Application conditions

Applications are by invitation only. To be invited to apply, you must:

Try our free online Australian General Skilled Migration points test to see if you score enough points for this visa.


You can include the following family members in your visa application:

  • your partner 
  • your or your partner’s dependent child 
  • your or your partner’s dependent relative.


This visa allows you and your dependants to:

  • temporarily live and work in a designated regional area in Australia 
  • study in a specified regional area of Australia 
  • travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid 
  • apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) after certain conditions have been met.

Visa obligations

Nominated by a state or territory

If you are nominated by a state or territory to live in a Regional or Low Population Growth Area in Australia there are obligations that your nominating state or territory will require you to meet. These include that you:

  • stay in that state or territory for at least two years 
  • keep the state or territory informed of any changes to your address 
  • complete surveys and provide information when asked

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