45 Days Tourist Visa For Dubai

A 45 Days Tourist Visa for Dubai is a one time entry Visa for Dubai issued for period of up to 45 days by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia. It is valid from the date of issue until the expiry date which is mentioned on the visa stamp. It is issued to people who are citizens of a country that has diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and those who are holders of normal passports with 10 years validity and should be minimum 17 years of age at the time of issue. The application should be made two months before you intend to travel to Saudi Arabia and it can not be applied in case that traveller lands in Saudi Arabia without any visa.Dubai is a popular destination among tourists, students and businessmen mainly from Asia, Europe, Africa and America. A Dubai tourist visa allows you to enter the United Arab Emirates for vacation, business or medical treatment. The 45-day tourist visa is issued for the period of 30 days from the day of issue by default. You can extend your stay in the UAE for another 15 days by visiting the Dubai Immigration Department within 14 days from your arrival.

Dubai is an emirate in the Middle East that’s become one of the most visited destinations on planet Earth. Annually, it welcomes over a quarter of a million residents and tourists from around the world. Working here can be rewarding. However, visas must be obtained prior to travel. There are three types of Dubai tourist visas:

The beautiful city of Dubai has long been a favorite of holiday spot for people from all over the world. A mixture of ultra-modern and traditional Arabic sights make it one of the most pleasant places to visit in the Middle East while its zero crime environment makes it one of the safest too. Whether visiting for pleasure or business, traveling there is an exciting experience but you must be careful with your documentation since you have to apply for a 40 Days Dubai Visa and these are not issued simply anywhere.

In short, applying for UAE Visa can turn out to be an intricate procedure, especially if you’re not aware of the country’s ever-changing visa policies. That’s why our expert visa consultants are here to give you expert advice about which type of UAE visit visas are most appropriate for your needs whether it’s a single entry or double entry option.

UAE also introduced 40 Days visa, as visa is for 30 days but 30 days Dubai visa is expendable up-to 40 Days. It means tourists can get an additional 10-day extension on their original visa, 40 Days visa in Dubai. If you don’t have the time to make a trip back home because of work, school, or business obligations, then a Dubai 40 days tourist visa is the best option as it only requires applying for one time as opposed to multiple times.The new 40 Day Tourist Visa for Dubai that will benefit travelers who want to come and explore the city. The issuing of this form of 40 days Dubai visa can sometimes get complicated due to its ever-changing policies.

Forever Tourism is an expert company which makes visa application for Dubai easy. One just needs to call us and we take care of everything. First, one calls us and gives us the purpose and estimated duration of the upcoming trip to Dubai. Then we choose the type of visa that accurately goes with the given purpose and duration. Next, they receive our complete help through all phases of their Dubai immigration process – from visa inquiry to successful on-time approval of their UAE visa application

What are the requirements for UAE Visa?

  1. A copy of guarantor’s passport’s first, last and visa pages
  2. A copy of your Emirates ID
  3. A copy of each visitor’s passport’s first and last pages
  4. Each visitor’s passport-size photograph, taken against a white background
  5. Each visitor’s passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months
  6. If the visitor is your spouse, the same must be mentioned on your passport
  7. Additional cash deposit of up to AED 1000 may be required for certain visitors (not applicable for family visas*).

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