3 Months Visit Visa In Uae

3 months Visit Visa In UAE is a non-immigrant visa which permits the applicant to visit the UAE for a maximum period of 3 months. You can extend this visa for another 3 months provided you have proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay. If you intend to reside in any emirate other than Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah, it is necessary that you obtain a sponsor. Otherwise, the Entry Permit will not be issued; this may result in the rejection of your application.

Last Updated: Monday, January 15th, 2014. In the UAE there is a lot of interest from expats to reside in the UAE especially among Saudi nationals. Our previous article discussed ‘How To Obtain a 1 Month Visit Visa For The UAE’. You can check out that UAE visa requirements here.Applying for visit visa requires careful preparation. It’s important to have organized and detailed information about the trip to UAE such as number of people, duration of stay, arrival time and departure times. Visit visa application are subject to completion with all regulatory requirements including minimum health requirements for visitors.

Dubai is the city where the entire world wants to visit for its high-rise buildings, beautiful beaches, and warm, welcoming people. If you would like to visit Dubai or bring a loved one here, then get a Dubai tourist visa from Seaman Tours. We have our tourist visa quota with the Dubai immigration, so the entire process becomes easy once you associate with us. It is only common that you might be anxious about the visit visa cost and charges, but rest assured that we offer the most competitive prices. You can visit the UAE completely hassle-free and leave the visa process entirely to us.

Seaman Tours is providing UAE Tourist/ Visit visa for all nationalities who are planning to visit UAE. We encourage people to visit UAE with costume made packages which Seaman Tours can help you make. We have 96 hours transit visa, 14 days transit visa, 30 days short term visa and 90 days long term visa. This helps people to visit UAE to meet their loved ones who reside in the UAE or for leisure purpose. Uae visit visas are required for most of the nationalities like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many Asian countries. Dubai visit visas has an option for 30 days and 90 days option. If your planning your visit for short term it will be advisable to opt for 30 days visa. Whereas, 90 days UAE visa is commonly used for long term visits like bringing your family or friends for longer stay.

If you feel you want to extend your visa as your nearing your last date to exit, we can help you renew the visa without exit sitting at home.

Recent Update- UAE government has made it mandatory for travelers to carry travel insurance on their arrival to UAE which has Covid coverage. Seaman tours can also provide you with the same. Please speak with our agent for more details. UAE has open tourist visa for all nationalities from 30/08/2021. There are few conditions which has to be full filled before the travel.

90‑day visit eligibility

If you are a passport holder of one of the below countries or territories, your passport will be stamped with a multiple entry 90‑day visit visa that’s valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and for a stay of 90 days in total. Citizens of the below European countries are also entitled to apply for a pre‑arranged visit visa if their 90‑day visa on arrival has been fully utilized.

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