15 Days Visa In Dubai

During my years of work I’ve travelled to many countries and visited totally 7 counties. More than 5 years I’ve been in UAE and faced visa problems with UAE authorities. In spite of these, Dubai has very simple rules regarding visas. If you have a passport of one of the following countries, then you can get 15 days visa upon arrival at Dubai International Airport:The new Visa liberalization program will get you an extension of stay in Dubai and a 15-day visa on arrival. You can extend this visa or leave the country after 15 days. You will be required to have a confirmed return ticket back to your native country or a legal residence permit in any GCC or Arab country upon arrival.

15 Days Visa In Dubai


Dubai is a city of unlimited opportunities, which attracts people from all over the world to visit this beautiful place. Most of them can stay in the country without any problems and difficulties, except for those who do not have a visa. It should be noted that in order to enter Dubai, you need to get a visa in advance. If you are planning a vacation for more than 15 days, then there is no need for additional visas. In this article we will tell you about 15 days visas in Dubai

Tourist visa

  • Tourist visa is valid for 30 days
  • Tourist visa is valid for 60 days
  • Tourist visa is valid for 90 days
  • Tourist visa is valid for 180 days
  • Tourist visa is valid for 365 days
  • Tourist visa is valid for one year

Visit Visa

A visit visa is a type of visa that allows a person to enter the UAE for a specific purpose and for a limited period of time. The purpose of the visit visa is to allow a person to enter the UAE for a specific purpose and for a limited period of time.

Transit Visa

You can also get your visa for 15 days in Dubai if you are traveling through the city to another country. This type of visa is called a transit visa and it is perfect for people who plan on spending a few nights in Dubai, but then leaving the country. This type of visa will not allow you to stay more than 15 days and cannot be extended or converted into any other type of visa.

Employment Visa

Employment Visa is a visa for a foreign national who wants to work in the UAE. The Employment Visa is issued for a period of three months and it can be renewed only once. The Employment Visa is not renewable as per the rules and regulations of the country. An employee has to submit an application for renewal along with documents related to his/her salary and employment contract after expiry of six months from the date of issue of employment visa.

Employees who have been working in any company or institution in Dubai are eligible for this type of visa and they should possess no criminal records or pending cases against them during their stay in Dubai on this type of entry permit.

Student Visa

If you wish to study in Dubai, you can apply for a student visa. A student visa is a temporary visa that is issued to students who wish to study in Dubai. It is valid for a period of up to 6 months and can be renewed as long as the student continues his/her studies in Dubai. The student must return to his/her home country after completion of studies.

Mission Visa

Mission Visa

Mission Visa is granted to those who are traveling to Dubai for a short period of time for a specific reason. Mission Visa is granted for a maximum period of 30 days. Mission Visa can be extended up to 30 days by the Immigration Department at Dubai Airport.

Visitors who wish to carry out non-paid work or volunteer activities in the UAE are required to hold a residence visa issued by one of the authorised sponsors in accordance with Federal Law No. 21, 2010 regulating labour law and other labour related laws, Rules and Regulations governing work permits and residency visas, job market reports and approvals. Visitors will not be granted entry visas if they do not have sponsorship from an approved sponsor/company in accordance with Federal Law No 21, 2010 (Labour Law).

15 Days Visa In Dubai

If you are a citizen of the following countries, you can get 15 days visa on arrival in Dubai:

  • Albania
  • Andorra
  • Argentina (with biometric passport)
  • Armenia (with biometric passport)
  • Australia (with biometric passport)


Dubai visa is a pass that allows you to travel to and stay in Dubai for 15 days. The Dubai visa cost depends on the visa type, country of origin, and more.

There are 6 types of Dubai visas: tourist visa, visit visa, transit visa, employment visa, student visa and mission visa. All these visas allow you to travel to Dubai for a specific reason and stay there for 15 days. The easiest way to apply for your Dubai 15 days transit or tourist e-visa is through our website where we will guide you through the entire process step by step with no need to worry about papers or documentation! Choose between either one (1) month multiple entries or three (3) months single entry.

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